Currency master is used to create multiple currency of any country with currency symbol, exchange rate etc.

Steps to Create Currency

  1. On the Admin menu, in General Group, click the Currencies. The Currency window opens as a tab in the workspace.
  2. The user can search and select the already created currency by clicking on the Search icon on the Currencies frame on left hand side of the workspace.
  3. By default the Code which is the Currencies Code gets automatically generated and is populated on the confirmation message.
  1. The workspace is divided into two parts. The Left side is the Currencies frame and the Right side is the Currency Details frame.

The user has to simply fill the details one by one as below:

  • Name: Here enter the country and currency name.
  • Currency Symbol: Enter the currency symbol.
  • Currency Name: Enter the currency name.
  • Decimal Precision Name: Enter the decimal precision name like Paise, Cents, Penny etc.
  • Currency Scale Type: Select the currency scale type.

Details to be entered onthe Currency Conversion tab:

  • Company: Click on search icon and select company.
  • Transaction Type: Select transaction type.
  • To Currency: Select conversion To currency.
  • Exchange Rate: Enter exchange rate.
  • From Date: Select From Date.
  1. Press Ctrl S or click the Save button on the Quick Access Toolbar to save the Currency.
  2. Click Yes button for the message ‘Are you sure you want to Save.’
  3. Click OK button for the message Currencies: ‘xxx’ has been saved successfully’.