Lead Follow Up

The Lead Follow Up document helps the user to record all the follow-up of the lead and to convert the lead/prospect into a customer. Follow-up helps the user to quickly know the immediate needs and changes and lock-in their interest for the items/goods.

Steps to Create Lead Follow Up

  1. On the CRM menu, in Lead Management Group, click on Lead Recording dropdown, click the Lead Follow Up.The Lead Follow Up window opens.
  2. By default the Branch, Date and Tentative Dategets automatically populated.

The user has to simply fill the details one by one as below:

  • Lead: Here the user needs to click the search icon and select the lead. An entire detail of lead gets populated automatically on their respective fields.

Details to be entered on the Follow-ups tab:

  • Executive:Here the user needs to click the search icon and select the executive.
  • Activity: Select an activity type from dropdown list.
  • Mode: Select follow-up mode from dropdown list.
  • Plan Remark: Enter the plan remark for follow up.
  • Activity Date: Select an activity date from dropdown list calendar.

Follow-up Details section:


  • If the Lead is finalized then the user can check the box “Ready For Quote” in the Follow-up Details section.
  • If the lead is lost by any reason and means then the user can check the box “Is Lost”.
  1. Press Ctrl S or click the Save button on the Quick Access Toolbar to save the Lead Follow Up.
  2. Click Yes button for the message ‘Are you sure you want to Save.’
  3. Click OK button for the message ‘Lead Follow Up: ‘xxx’ has been saved successfully.’