The masters are basically the repetitive information/data which are required during the transactions. The user can create the master for such kind of data/information. The masters are Customer, Employee, Item, Account, etc. These masters are stored centrally and shared across the various business process transaction or modules. The master in RujulERP has a capacity to store large amount of data in the database. The master is shown by a human face icon in RujulERP. These masters when opened are divided into two parts. The left hand side is the <Master’s> Frame and the right hand side is the <Master’s> Details Frame.

 <Master’s> Frame

The left hand side is the <Master’s> Frame and it will show the records already entered in the master. The user can search the record by clicking on the search icon or by simply entering few letters of the particular <master> data. If the user clicks on the searched record the data related to that record gets automatically populated on the right hand side of the <Master’s> Details Frame.

<Master’s> Details Frame

To add a new master the user has to enter the details in this frame. This frame contains mandatory fields which are colored in yellow. These fields are to be entered by the user, if the user does not enter these fields they are prompted by a validation message while saving the master. Various tabs are present in the master. The tabs field’s data are interlinked with the various modules and it also helps during the transaction process or fetching the records. At the right hand side bottom some buttons are present to open quick links or reports related to that master. A quick info panel is also present on the top right hand side which gives quick information related to the customer.