A Transaction is a business process flow which records the information related to that business process such as Sales, Purchase, Receipt, Payment, etc. The icon  denotes that it is a transaction. The transaction window contains various Transaction Detail Fields, Header Charges, Quick Info panel, Various tabs, Payment Options frame, Various Buttons and some payment details fields which gets automatically populated and are uneditable.

Transaction Detail Fields: Here the user needs to enter or select the fields for the transaction. The mandatory fields are compulsory to enter.

Header Charges: Here the tax group and charges added in the transaction will get automatically populated. Depending on the configuration the taxes and charges will get automatically calculated and populated or the user can enter these taxes or charges values manually.

Quick Info panel: This panel will give a quick information regarding the transaction.

Various tabs: The user has to enter the various tab details depending on the transaction.

Payment Options frame: The payment option frame shows the various payment options available for the user in the transaction. The user can choose the payment options according to the customer, supplier, etc.

Buttons present at the bottom: These buttons helps the user to quickly open the links or reports related to the transaction.

Payment Details fields: These fields are present at the bottom right hand side. They give the user a quick overview of the payment options. These fields are uneditable.