Stock Confirmation

Stock Confirmation helps the user to automatically confirms and balance (Positive or Negative) the physical or system items/goods quantity.

Steps to Create Stock Confirmation

  1. On the Inventory menu, in Stock Count/Take Group, click the Stock Confirmation. The Stock Confirmation window opens as a tab in the workspace.
  2. By default the No. which is the Stock Count Transaction No., Date, Branch and Confirmation By fields get automatically populated. The Stock Count Transaction No. gets automatically generated and is populated on the confirmation message.

The user has to simply fill the details one by one as below:

  • Stock count: Here the user needs to select the stock count from the search window. Once the user selects the stock count no. the fields on the Item Details tab gets automatically populated.
  • Is Confirmed: Here the user needs to check the checkbox to confirm the stock of the items/goods.
  1. Press Ctrl S or click the Save icon on the Quick Access Toolbar to save the Stock Confirmation.
  2. Click Yes button for the message ‘Are you sure you want to Save.’
  3. Click OK button for the message ‘Stock Confirmation: ‘xxx’ has been saved successfully.’