For some of the items/goods the customer would like to go for the finance option. In such a case the financing process is very simple.

  1. Select the Customer.
  2. Press the Other Modes or Discount & Charges button. The advance or credit notes are seen on the screen.
  3. Press the Financier button on the screen, the financier details which is to be entered is seen on the screen.
  4. Select the Financier by pressing on the search icon.
  5. Enter the Document No (DO No).
  6. Select the Document Date (DO Date).
  7. Enter the Document Amount (DO Amount) for Financing.
  8. Enter the MBD amount.
  9. Enter the DBD amount.
  10. Enter the Processing Fees amount.
  11. Enter the Other amount.
  12. Enter the Receivable Amount.
  13. Press the Save & Print button.
  14. A confirmation message is populated “Are you sure you want to save?”
  15. Press the Yes button and save the transaction.

Print Details

Print Details is similar to Customer Print Details. Refer the Customer Print Details steps.