External Service Invoice

External Service Invoice document is used to create invoice details for the services get done through other outside or external vendors (service provider) to raise liability against external service provider. E.g. Welding, Denting etc.

Steps to Create External Service Invoice

  1. On the Service tab, in Masters Group, click the External Service Invoice. The External Service Invoice window opens as a tab in the workspace.
  2. By default the No. which is the External Service Invoice Transaction No., Date, Branch, Payment Type and Purchase Manager get populated automatically. The External Service Invoice Transaction No. gets automatically generated and is populated on the confirmation message.

The user has to simply fill the details one by one as below:

  • Supplier: Here the user needs to select Supplier for the external service invoice.
  • Payment Type: Here the user needs to click on the drop down list and select the Payment Type for the service.
  • Account: Here the user needs to select the Account Posting for the external service invoice.
  • Get Data: Here the user needs to click on the Get Data button to get the entire external service invoice created against the supplier in bulk.

Details to be entered on the Line Details tab:

  • By default the Service Order No., Service Order Date, Serial No, model Code, model Name, Service Code and Name gets automatically populated once Get Data button is selected against the supplier.
  • Sale Rate: Here the user needs to enter the sale rate for the customer.
  • Rate: Here the user needs to enter the rate of the supplier.
  1. Press Ctrl S or click the Save icon on the Quick Access Toolbar and save the External Service Invoice.
  2. Click Yes button for the message ‘Are you sure you want to Save.’
  3. Click OK button for the message ‘External Service Invoice: ‘xxx’ has been saved successfully.’