Service Invoice

A service invoice is a service document or a bill presented to the customer for the services provided for the items/goods.

Steps to Create Service Invoice

  1. On the Service tab, in Masters Group, click the Service Invoice. The Service Invoice window opens as a tab in the workspace.
  2. By default the Branch, Created By and Date gets populated automatically.

The user has to simply fill the details one by one as below:

  • Service Order: Here the user needs to select Service Order created for the customer. Once the service order is selected the appropriate data gets automatically populated on the respective fields such as Installbase Details, Customer Details, Amount Details, Service Order Invoice Details, etc.
  • Payment Type: Here the user needs to click on the dropdown list and select the Payment Type for the service.
  • Account: Here the user needs to select the Account Posting for the service invoice.
  1. Press Ctrl S or click the Save icon on the Quick Access Toolbar and save the Service Invoice.
  2. Click Yes button for the message ‘Are you sure you want to Save.’
  3. Click OK button for the message ‘Service Invoice: ‘xxx’ has been saved successfully.’